Robert Mills Architectural Antiques

At Robert Mills Ltd, we specialise in the best architectural antiques from the 19th and early 20th centuries. We operate from a 30,000 sq. ft. (2,800 sq. m.) warehouse and showroom near the centre of Bristol.

Over the last twenty years we have saved thousands of fabulous items from old mansions, redundant churches, Victorian banks, and other demolished public buildings from all over the British Isles. Panelled rooms, old pub interiors, shop fittings, magnificent doorways, stained glass windows and other architectural structures are carefully dismantled by our own team of craftsmen. These items are then brought back to our warehouse where they are catalogued and displayed.

Our emphasis is on the dramatic, the ornate and the flamboyant. Some of our items are of monumental size, but we also have smaller things such as carved details, corbels, capitals, friezes and columns.

Our enormous inventory of genuine antique architectural items is an ideal source for architects and designers all over the world and we have the best network for finding them. We have recently started selling good quality copies of originals and can adapt antique items for other uses. Typical projects using our material include hotels, large private houses, wedding chapels, restaurants, clubs and pubs.

Theatre boxes from Glasgow, carved pulpits from Wales, mahogany bank counters from the City of London - they all find their way to our Bristol warehouse where we have the facility to renovate or modify and then pack and ship to anywhere in the world.